We're automotive cost engineers pioneering something new. We've developed Artificial Intelligence software to give financial advice for buying and running cars. Employer's typical funding of employee's cars can often be made far more effective. Also, people can buy better cars for less money, if they have greater financial savvy.


Choice is good.

Making wise, insightful and informed choices is tricky.

There's a choice between many hundreds of models of cars.

Petrol? Diesel? Hybrid? Electric?

Company car? Car allowance? Combination of these?

Lease? FML? Loan? Cash? Deposit? Balloon? Residual?

So, so many choices.

Deciding on the best combination of these is the challenge.

But the incentive for being smart with these decisions is substantial.


Augmented Decision Making

You decide.

Our tech will empower you with the insight to do so wisely.

Our tech resides in the cloud. It'll be accessible anywhere. iPhone app. Android app. On the web.

Our solution is Social too. Together, people wield more clout.

Our tech will take the hassle out of running a car well. Handle your logbook, keep record of your expenses, help you with your taxes...

Our tech will connect car owners with dealers, workshops, automakers...

Our app - Triptech - can serve as your virtual assistant for helping run your car.


Car prices are not the way to assess the affordability of a car.

And yet that's what everyone does. (We're all guilty of it, because there's simply been no better way to do it - up until now.)

To compare two (or more) cars, one rather needs to assess the lifecycle cost / total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) of the alternatives.

This is difficult though, because no two buyers of any car will experience the same TCO.

It makes no sense to compare two similar cars and say that the one has a better TCO than the other. There are, however, some cars that will offer a very much better TCO than another - in the hands of a particular individual. As a simple example, a car best suited to a sales person who does a high mileage with a generous car scheme is probably NOT the car that will be best suited to an office-bound manager, or a retiree.

Also, any such TCO assessment needs to be based on knowledge of how that specific car is BEST bought by that person (e.g. some cars are best suited to being long-term propositions, others best suited to being leased...) So there are many reasons why TCOs haven't yet become the popular basis for choosing cars. But we've cracked a solution, and our tech will do this for you - so you'll soon be finding this easy.

It'll soon be easy to know how to drive more for less.

Most firms provide compensation (per kilometre) to some people for occasional business trips.

Typically they simply seek to be fair and equitable with this. Everyone understands that the Chairman's executive SUV costs more to run than the receptionist's small hatchback.

No-one wants to spend too much time on these claims, but all these little claims add up - for both the firms and the recipients.

Auticus has a novel new solution, based on our founder's experience of producing a schedule of rates by which to value such claims, with monthly updates, for almost 20 years - one that is used by city councils and large firms - providing an impartial, objective assessment that avoids any disputes.

Auticus' new digital solution - being built into Triptech, our app - will make it easy and fair for firms to administer

...and easy and fair for people to claim and be compensated

Fair's fair


Dr David Cattell is a cost engineer and a past professor at Bond University.

His doctorate pioneered a new (component unit) pricing theory (mathematically optimising both prospective profits and risk).

He has written a number of papers that have been peer-reviewed and published in the highest tier of international academic journals in the fields of engineering and applied mathematics.

His business experience includes having founded two software businesses (including one stock-exchange listing) and having developed the TAX-Ability expert system and SmartCar technology well as corporate experience as the Marketing Manager for IBM Services for the Middle East & Africa region.

His book The SA Guide to Tax-Efficient Cars was widely adopted by a number of car makers and banks (who bought thousands of copies to give to fleet buyers).

He is currently an honorary research fellow in engineering at the University of Newcastle, NSW.